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Let’s Take That Blog Idea and Make It A Reality With These 4 Easy Steps

Let's Get Started

You’re here because you want to start a blog right? Or you are just in the research phase, where you are wondering if the work to start one is worth it? I hope you find the information below informative in your blog start up.

There are affiliate links in this page, its a way that many bloggers make money from other companies. It’s great because it doesn’t cost my readers anything extra, the company actually pay it out of their own money they make. You can check out my disclosure page to learn more.

I believe that Anyone can blog! Any age can blog! Any Gender can blog! Even if you’re a busy mom with 7 kids, you can start a blog, have fun, and even make money from it! I believe YOU can do this!

With a blog you can write about your hobby, and share your thoughts and feelings with the world. You can write ebooks or courses on your blog topic to make money!

There is literally thousands of people right. this. second. making money from blogging! Moms can manage blogging while raising kids and keeping up with the numerous household duties. You make your own schedule!

Teens can start blogs a lifestyle blog and write about many topics that interest them. Older men and women can write blogs about what interests them, and sell products that go along with that topic. It’s truly amazing that at anyone any age can make money at this. Even if you are not very “techy” you can start on an easy basic blog theme.

Millennial moms are among the highest percentage recently to start a blog.

Why are people all over the world turning to blogging as a business? Because it’s so cheap to start!! You will see! You can start a business blog for less than $100, FOR the whole YEAR! 

What other business can you do that?? Well, none! Haha This is why the blogging industry is blowing up! Now you may be worrying that it is getting saturated out there with all the new blogs. 

NOPE! WRONG! There is littereally thousands of topics you can choose to blog about. And to be honest, many people start a blog and ditch it a couple months later because they don’t know what to do after it’s started.

That’s why I have started this blog. It makes me sad when I hear stories of people starting a blog, and then it just sits there. I promise to show you how to start that amazing blog, and then keep going after that.

People have asked me if blogging is a lot of work. Well if you are starting your blog to eventually make money, then it will be some work, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. Depending when you want it to make money. The more work you put into your blog at the beginning, the faster you will make money. That’s pretty standard with anything in life.

You can use this sheet to write all the different names you like, and to keep track of what domains and social media sites are available for each name idea. I hope this helps while you are starting your blog.

Step 1 - Your Blog Idea

You have a lightbulb idea to start a blog. Either as a business to make money eventually, or as a hobby to write and entertain others online. 

By now you already have an idea about what your want to blog about.

Let’s pick your niche, or main subjects you will be blogging about. There are so many, but here are the most basic known ones: parenting, kids, family, crafting, DIY, any kind of food and recipes, gardening, farming, sewing, or lifestyle, which is any subject.

Once you know what you want to blog about your can think of some blog names that will match.

How to pick a blog name:

  • Write down 10 names you like, with different variations of your favorites.
  • Write each one down as it would look in the domain address. Sometimes words don’t go together well.
  • Then go check if each name is available in the domain address with .com, and if the social media accounts are also available. I do this on website.

I made a tutorial video just for you! I show you how I use to find out if that blog name is good.

Step 2 - Set Up Your Blog Host

Now that you figured out what type of blog you want to have, the name of your blog, and if its available, your new blog needs a home.

I’m going to briefly go over setting up a hosting company, which will be the home for your blog.

It is pretty easy to get it set up.

I recommend the host company I use, Siteground. I can personally tell you it is awesome!

I have heard of a lot of people picking other host companies and not be happy with the support, or their blog kept going down and not in use. Most of those unhappy customers moved to Siteground.

Hearing all those hosting horror stories as I researched starting a blog I decided to go right to Siteground.

I have not been disappointed. I now have 4 different niche blogs set up under the same account and I have used support many times. 

Support answers the help tickets within an hour or faster, and they chat with you to fix any problems, or explain how to do something.

They also now automatically offer SSL, https secure domains for free! Which is new. It shows a lock at the top beside the website address, assuring your audience that you have a secure domain and host.

You can push this Siteground link to check it out. 

It will go to a page that has 3 different options for web hosting for your blog.

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website or blog.
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for the money, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed.
  • The GoGeek plan is good for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration.

You can sign up for the Start Up package for $3.95 a month. It will host one blog. Which is totally fine when you are just starting blogging.

But if you think you might want to start another blog, or test out other blog niches or names, the GrowBig account might work better for you.

I started with the GrowBig, because it lets you have multiple blogs on the same account. I will need to move up to the next level as my page views grow. But Siteground will automatically bump you up as your blog grows so you don’t need to do anything.

They will let you know they bumped you up and why and let you know they did all the work for you. Which is great because you don’t need to know all the techy crap that goes along with all those changes.

Choosing Domain

You can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain, if you have bought one on a different website.

If you have previously started a website with a different host SiteGround has free website transfer that is included in the SiteGround hosting service.

After you pick the package that works best for you click the Get Started button on the package.

It will then take you to the next page, which will look like the picture below.

You can then choose a new domain name. The one you researched and picked in Step 1 above.

Then the screen will continue down and you can confirm what package you want. If you change your mind you can do it there.

You can also pick the StartUp package and see what it will cost, and then the GrowBig package and see which one fits into your budget. If you can spend a $100 for your start up blog, I recommend the GrowBig package just because it gives you so much more room to grow and set up many blogs in the future if you want to blog about different things.

There are some extras that they ding you with. haha They all want you to pay for the extras.

If you are registering a domain name, then that is $14.95 which is pretty standard price, and it’s much simpler to buy your new domain while you set up your hosting, opposed to trying to find it cheaper somewhere else and redirect it to your new blog host.

I believe that the privacy extra is pretty important. If someone looks up your blog info they will see your host info, and not your name and address. So I got that extra.

The wildcard SSL, hich gives you the https domain address with a secure lock beside your domain address, is free for the first year. It’s a great savings and your audience will feel more secure on your site.

The SG Site Scanner I didnt get. It checks your website daily, but so do a lot of other plugins and other things you can get for free. 

If you feel safer getting it go ahead, but I don’t think it’s 100% necessary and you could save $20.

All together for the GrowBig blog hosting package, and the domain name and address, it comes to under a hundred dollars, $98 to be exact.

And that’s for the whole year!! So you have a full year to work on your blog to make that money back. Or if it’s just for hobby, that’s still the cheapest hobby that I know of!! My scrap booking hobby costs almost that much every couple months! haha

For the StartUp package I think it came to $74 when I was checking them both out while writing this post. So for $20ish more dollars you can have more options, and unlimited blogs and websites on the GrowBig package.

If you decide to go with the StartUp package thats totally good as well, you can upgrade later if you decide you want to add more blogs.


Step 3 - Let's Set Up WordPress

Don’t panic! WordPress is pretty easy peasy!

Well SiteGround makes it even easier. They will set up your wordpress blog for you, and then just give you your login information after it’s done! Uh could it get any easier than that??!

I will show you how to get SiteGround to set it up……

After you have purchased the web hosting package you want, they will send you login info for SiteGround.

Go to SiteGround and log in to your account. Your home page will look like this…….

Click on the Support tab at the top, where my big red arrow is pointing! 

Now that you are on support you will want to scroll down and hit the WordPress assistant button.

After you click the WordPress Assistance button, SiteGround will give you the option to chat with someone right away, or send in a help ticket and someone will reply shortly to answer your questions.

To ask them to set up your WordPress site right away for you, click the chat button.

Tell the support person you just signed up for the hosting and could they set up your WordPress blog with the domain you register with them.

They will gladly do it right then and there. They will probably ask you to pick an admin word and the password you’ll use to sign into WordPress to write on your blog.

You can always change it later if you want. I’m sure if you tell them your password, it’s secure with them.

TADA! You have your website host, domain name and address, and your WordPress all set up! That was easy right?

I wont go into all the how to’s of setting up the WordPress by yourself. I am in the process of writing an ebook with much more detailed steps from idea to writing 5 posts. It’s just too much information for 1 blog post. If you are interested in hearing when the ebook is done, just sign up for my weekly newsletter. 

Step 4 - Now You Write

Your blog is set up and hungry for posts, so let’s write.

In this step I will go over how to start a post.

Let’s get started…..

Login to your WordPress admin site. Then go down to post button on the left side menu. Click it and push the button Add New.

start a blog

Then you will need to pick a good title with 5-10 words. Something like, “How to sew teddy-bear clothes”

Then start writing everything you want to tell your reader about that topic.

Just write write write, until you are all done the post. After that you can go back and proofread it, and edit it.

To format you blog posts you want to keep the sentences short, and the paragraphs short. They need to be able to skim through your post and easily get what it’s about.

Unfortunately, we are in a time where we get information overload. There is also never enough time to read everything, or do everything we want to, so we tend to skim read almost everything.

Just keep that in mind while you write. We also love pictures! Breaking up different points of sections of your blog post with pictures that go with the post are great!

Pictures can also help explain what you are talking about in your post. It gives the reader a visual, instead of just words.

After you are all done writing and formatting the post, publish it!! DO IT! Don’t wait until tomorrow or the next day. Chances are you don’t have anyone to see it right now anyways, so don’t be shy!

After you have published it, go on my Anyone Can Blog, beginner blogger facebook group, or any blogging facebook group and announce to them you just published your very first post!!

You will be flooded with support and people will give you feedback that you should listen to to help you learn and grow.

In the ebook I am writing it goes into detail on how to write a great blog post, and how to duplicate it easily.

If you would like to be notified when my new ebook is out, just sign up below for my weekly newsletter. Don’t worry I wont flood your email everyday! Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!! haha  

But seriously, I don’t have time to write that many emails! Once a week is even a stretch to get them out, but I love interacting with people, and let them know about the weekly blog post if they haven’t gotten to the blog yet that week. 

If you are still looking to start a blog, but you need more step by step instructions than on this page?

I have great news for you! An amazing blogger, Suzi, released her ebook and course, Blog by Number.It makes blogging easy with step by steps instructions, templates, resources and guides.

It is geared towards moms, but the information is so awesome it can be used for anyone.

An entire Google docs workbook is also included to kick start your blog! You should check it out, I took the course and highly recommend it!

Check out what’s included!! 

This is the most comprehensive blogging course and ebook I have seen for under $50!! It really is a steal of a deal. Many other bloggers charge $97 or more for this big of a course, and all the bonuses she throws in.

One other bonus is free stock photos she took herself. They are great! Go check out her page and see for yourself.

I recommend all new bloggers take her Blog By Number course, which comes with the 140 page ebook. 

Now GET TO BLOGGING!! You can follow these steps and get your blog going, or sign up for Blog By Numbers and go step by step to get it going. Either way, take action today to start the blog of your dreams!

If you have any questions, concerns, or anything just email me at, or go to the contact page on this site and fill out the form, and I will get back to you soon.


xo Kathryn

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