How To Start A Blog Series – Step 1 – Blog Idea to Domain Name

how to start a blog step 1

How To Start A Blog – Step 1

Blog Idea to Domain Name

HELLO!! So excited you are on my blog! How to start a blog – Step 1 – Blog Idea to Domain Name will be very detailed and epic!

I am writing this blog series with 4 different steps to take you from blog idea to full blown blog that can make money, or just be an outlet for you to express yourself.

*There are affiliate links in this post, as with most posts on my blog. Check out my disclosure page for more details.

AWESOME! I’m So Excited for your blogging future!

This is so great!! You want to start a blog! I bet you can practically see it all in your mind! Shiny and bright and new online, getting tons of views and likes……

But you’re stumped at HOW to start the dreamed of blog!?

There are a lot of “quick guides” out there to show you how to start a blog in a day, but they don’t go into as great a detail as I do. This post is literally 3334 words, and its only Step 1 of how to start a blog!!

In Step 1 I have broken it into 4 simple to follow sections, A, B, C, and D.

Why are mine so much more detailed? Because I want you to succeed, and because I’m a rambler and explain everything in detail so you really understand it.

I want to give you alllll the information you need to get this blog started. I want to prepare you that it’s not an overnight thing, and that blogging is a job, unless you have no intention of making money with it ever.

But almost 99% of the people I talk to that want to start a blog want to eventually make money from it somehow, and usually enough to quit their 9 – 5 job and dance around the house all day… well you know what I mean, make lots of money!

In this How To Start A Blog Series of posts, I will take you through 4 very detailed Steps of getting a blog running, from the idea in your head, on to the world wide web in the matter of a week.

Take your time with each step. You could do 1 step a day, or a couple if you have a lot of time. First is Step 1 – Blog Idea to Domain Name.


how to start a blog idea

Light Bulb Idea! You want to blog!

This is so great! You have decided you want to blog, but now you need to learn how to blog. It really is a learned process, just like starting any new job is. But don’t worry it’s not hard to learn.

There are so many groups to join!! Download the best facebook blogger groups to join and feel welcomed! It’s in my free library page, head over there as there is a ton of cool shit for free! This page can’t wait, psst it will open a whole new page when you click on it! teehee

Ok let’s get going now that you found a whole wack of useful downloads and worksheets and stuff.

This is a long thoroughly detailed blog post to How to Start a Blog Step 1. I suggest bookmarking it so you can read it over the day or couple days as its got so much info in one place!

I hate when I forget to bookmark a great blog post and then have to go find it again… such a time waster, and I smack myself in the head (not literally) so I’m just suggesting it to you at the beginning so you don’t make the same mistake I have.

how to start a blog

We will go through:

A. Why do you want to start a blog?

B.  How to take that blog idea and figure out if it’s a good one.

C.  Find a name for your blog.

D.  See if the domain and social media accounts are available.

Two of the top blog hosting companies.


A. Why Do You Want To Start A Blog?

The better question is why Wouldn’t you want to start a blog?? Its the leading way to get information out into the world! More and more businesses are starting blogs on their websites, and more moms are starting blogs as a way to earn income.

There are thousands and thousands of blogs that make money, or share info daily! Don’t worry, I’ll also show you how to start a blog and how to get readers onto your blog in this blogging series.

Firstly we need to look at your reasons for wanting to start a blog!

how to start a blog

Sometimes blogging can get boring, or hard to make the time in our severely busy schedules. This WHY is the very foundation of your blog!

Even if your why is to make money online, that’s still a why! Most moms want to start a blog to make money online and be home to raise their children, so it’s not shallow or “bad” to have that reason. It’s the very same reason I started my blogs.

I want to be a business women online writing to other women to help them start blogs.

This is not my first blog, and it probably won’t be my last, as I love writing about different niches and love starting blogs.

MY why is entrepreneurship from home so I can provide income for my family in a way that is fun and keeps me busy, while not missing soccer practice.

Now what is YOUR why?! It doesn’t have to be a huge time suck to think of your why. It’s usually pretty simple!

Here are some reasons why other people start blogs:

  • For a business; to sell products, ebooks, use affiliate links, and make money etc
  • To expand their reach of a business they already have, whether home based or brick-and-mortar, blogging can reach more people.
  • As an outlet to express themselves and bond like-minded people together.
  • To save family and life moments online forever, or share with family members that live far away.

Whatever your reason is, write it down in bold capital letters so it will give you inspiration if you ever feel like quitting.

Now that we have figured out WHY you are starting a blog, lets move on to the next part.


how to start a blog step 1

B. How To Take That Blog Idea And Find Out If It’s A Good One!

You have 1, or maybe many, ideas for your blog. How do you find out if your idea for a blog is a good idea?

Well if you are blogging just to express yourself, or join like-minded people together about a topic, you can really skip this section. Also, if you are only blogging to share your family or life moments with friends and family, and don’t plan to make money with your blog at all, then you can skip this sections as well.

Finding out if your blog idea is a good one is rather easy as I have seen almost every niche known to man make money online!

A niche is like the subject you’re going to write about. There are hundreds of niches, and within your niche you can zone in on one subject, or a broad variety of subjects within the niche.

For example, parenting is a broad niche topic where you could talk about a ton of different subject from breast feeding, all the different ages and stages, what they use and need, and taking care of mom and dad, etc.

Or you could zone in on one area of parenting the niche and only talk about breastfeeding. That’s the same in every niche from parenting, fashion, food and product reviews.

Once you have decided what your topic idea is and in what niche you can start to check if it’s a good idea.


how to start a blog

#1 The first thing I tell people if they express they want to know how to start a blog, but don’t know if their topic is a good one, is to google that exact topic.

Yup easy peasy! If there are blogs about it, chances are they are blogging for a reason, and other people are reading them. BAM. Its a good idea!

If you google your topic and there are only like 3 blogs or websites about it with a low google search, then chances are no one is writing about it because it doesn’t make money, and no one is searching for it to read!


how to start a blog

#2  Go on Amazon and search for your exact topic, or closely related and see if there are any ebooks written about it. If there is then chances are its a good topic to blog about.

Also if there are products or items that go along with that niche, means that people need it or use that topic, and there are things you can link to and make money from your blog.

how to start a blog

#3 Will this blog serve a purpose? Will it teach something, will it help someone, will it provide information people are searching for? If it doesn’t provide something, anything, for the readers, they wont read it!

For example, food blogs provide recipes for people to make that they usually search for. Mom blogs provide a lot of information about parenting, a crazy mom life we can relate to, and helpful tips. Book reviews provide information about books someone might consider buying….. I’m sure you get the point.

If you are ever in doubt of your idea ask family members, or friends, if they have ever gone online and searched for so and so. Or go onto facebook and ask in a group of moms, or women if they have ever searched such and such and see how many people have. You could also ask if your topic for a blog would be a good one and get some feedback.

how to start a blog

#4  Are you going to work hard at this blog? Can you see yourself with a list of topics for blog posts, and writing about it for years and years? If this answer is no, then you might want to rethink a different idea.

But if you can see a bunch of different topics to write about, get other bloggers to write some stuff, and be able to stretch the posts for at least a couple years then you’ll be golden!

Writing more is never bad! Writing less or hardly is bad, it just won’t get you traffic unless you work your ass off with social media. But google will show your blog more love on searches if it constantly has new posts added weekly, or even daily.

I like to write long winded, but helpful posts about how to make money from home, or how to start a blog, because I have done those things and other people want to know how.

Also, it is one of those businesses that you get what you put into it. If you only work on it once a month it will take a lot longer than if you work at it daily. Just being realistic with ya guys!


how to start a blog

#5 Will there be a way to make money with it eventually? Will you be able to create an ebook to sell, or will you do affiliate marketing on your blog and sell other products, will you just work on bringing in a ton of traffic and readers to get money from ad revenue?

There is almost always a way to make money with a blog, but it’s good to know how you want to do it, or at least have an idea of what you want to try first, so you can have a plan. It can change later, and probably will, and you’ll add different ways to make money.

Keep in mind that most bloggers don’t make any money with their blogs until they have blogged for 6 or more months. Unless you are exceptional at sales and marketing and have a product ready right now to sell on your blog, it will take time to build traffic and readers to your blog, and to make sales from things.

But don’t get discouraged! If you are hard working and do all the steps in this series, you may be one of the “lucky” bloggers, by that I mean extremely hard working bloggers who put their whole heart and soul every single day and hour to their blog and start making money their second month!!

It is truly one of those businesses that you get what you put into it. If you only work on it once a month it will take a lot longer than if you work at it daily. Just being realistic with ya guys! (yes I know this is a repeat sentence, because it is very true and powerful that it needs to be repeated!)

Allllriiighty then! So you have come to the conclusion your blog will be a good topic that people already search for!! AWESOME BOSSome! Let’s move on…

how to start a blog

C. Find A Name For Your Blog

Finding a name seems to be the most time consuming part of many first time bloggers. Picking that name that you will be branded with as a business and blog is kind of scary. I actually changed one of my blogs after I set it up online! I didn’t love the wording I picked and it just bothered me!

So if you don’t love it after a couple weeks, great thing is you can just change it. But after you start getting a lot of readers and make an actual brand that people know it’s not a good idea to change it then.

So you have a little leeway at the beginning for name changes, just costs more to get a new domain.

If you already know what you want to call your blog, then simply skip right over this area! And awesome bossome for picking your name already! Check mark that off your list! √

If you still have no clue what you want to name your blog keep reading.

My suggestion is to pick at least 5 different names you could see your as blog name. Different variations of similar names are ok too. But have at least 5, more if you can think of more you would be happy with.

I am actually not going to go into a huge long detailed section for this How to Start a Blog Step 1 – for picking a name because I don’t like reinventing the wheel, so to speak. So I am going to do the unthinkable, and steer you to another awesome blog to help pick your list of names out.

But come back here after to do the next steps of finding out if those names are actually available to use!!

I believe that us bloggers need to stick together and promote each other when we can. I am going to share the blog love and give a great mom blogger the props she deserves, as her blog is filled with amazing content. The one I am going to share is her helpful blog post on how to pick your name and niche out!

This lady has put together an amazing resource to pick your perfect blog name and it helped me.

So check out Suzi’s post at startamomblog and download her page on how to pick a name, and also helps to pick a niche!!

Suzi from Start A Mom Blog also has a beginner course that I took a while ago and it has so much information in it!! Check out her Blog By Numbers Course.

I say pick a general and broad name if you want to talk about a lot of different things. But if you have a certain idea or product that is very niched down, like raw foods, or dieting, or so on, then go niche down as it will help know who your readers will need.

Well since Suzi will cover this part of the awesome name picking (go there then come back with your list!) I am going to move on to show you how to check your name list for availability.

D.  Are The Blog Name Domain And Social Media Accounts Available?

Alrighty, so you have a list of blog names…. now its time to see which ones are available, and pick from the smaller list of names available. This process is how I pick a blog name when I have started blogs for myself and for clients.

Now it’s time to go through each one on your list to check which is available as a domain address, and on the social media sites you want to use to spread the word about your awesome new blog.

How to start a blog

This is a fun part of How to Start a Blog Step 1, researching the name list!

I use one website to check on availability,

You can go on there and search your list of blog names.

I made this video for my post for step 1 of how to start a blog series of exactly what I do to check blog names on

Top 2 Blog Hosting Companies

I am just touching on this super briefly as the next step goes into detail about choosing a blog host and setting it all up. I have lots of pictures and video of how to get it all set up in Step 2 – Set Up Blog Host company which I am still working on…. Coming soon! Sign up for my newsletter and I will let you know when I am done that amazing post!

There are two hosting companies that you will hear about the most, because they are well established and won’t go bankrupt or shut down their business anytime soon, leaving you without a blog host. They will be around for a long time and many bloggers use both of them.

Bluehost & Siteground!

Bluehost I have used once, and switched to Siteground for all my other blogs. I am putting it here because a lot of bloggers do like it and because it is fairly cheap.

Siteground is a great price as well, and their customer service is the best I have had to deal with. Any support tickets I have sent in or questions I’ve had have been answered within the hour and fixed right away. They are so nice and helpful. I recommend them to everyone that asks about hosting.

Web Hosting


OK…. We are done this major step. Seriously the first step is HUGE!! Going from an Idea to being ready to buy your hosting is big! There are a lot of steps in between the idea and hosting to get through.

CONGRATS for getting through all those steps. The other start a blog series posts don’t have this many steps…. this was the biggest step of them all, and it’s done! Check √

Now Get Ready for the Next Step

How To Start A Blog Step 2 – Blog Host Company Set Up

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