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Canva Brand Board Tutorial

Brand boards are so pretty to look at, and serve an important part in your business, website, or blog branding.
It is much much more than just a logo and some colors. It is a visual and inspirational part of your brand.

What is a Brand Board?

A brand board is a showcase of how you would like your blog, business, and/or website to look and feel. 
It is also a very handy tool if you ever outsource or hire a VA to make your social media graphics, logo, and blog post photos. The VA can see what colors to work with to continue your brand theme and feel.
A basic brand board features your main logo, colors you want to use in your business, inspirational photos or graphics, and the fonts you will use on your  blog and in your business.
You can expand your brand board to also include:
  • Alternative logos
  • Watermark
  • Graphic icons
  • Buttons
  • Illustrations
  • Taglines
  • Textures
  • Favicon

How To Make A Brand Board

1. Gather Inspiration

If you have already made a logo you can work off some of the colors on it.  Go to Pinterest or check the list of  free stock photos sites below.
On Pinterest you can type in the search bar all the colors you think you want to use with your business, website or blog.
You will get a lot of wonderful photos with all or some of the color combination you searched for. You can look at them and get inspired how the colors look together and how it makes you feel.
I suggest making your own Pinterest board called branding inspiration, or something like that. Pin all the pictures and inspiration photos that you like to your own board so you can look back on them when you gather a bunch.
You might even find other brand boards you can get ideas from! Don’t exactly copy someone else’s brand board, this is your unique brand and no one wants their exact brand stolen as well.
But you can get inspired, pick similar colors that you like together and find different pictures that you like.
If you don’t want to make a Pinterest board you can save the pictures you find into a file on your computer. I made a pinterest board and made a branding board file on my desktop to put both pinterest photos I saved and stock photos into one place.
These are the photos, graphics, or textures that inspire the colors you will use for your brand. They inspire you, make you smile when you look at them, and make you feel an emotion; the same emotion you’d like your audience to have.
They can be picked from Pinterest or google and just saved to your brand board, but not used on your website at all without obtaining permission from the photo owner.
Or you can go to the many free stock photo sites and get some inspirational photos you can use on your website, blog posts, or social media posts.
A couple good free photo stock are:

canva brand board


2. Choose You Brand Colors

After searching for about 20 minutes, or an hour, (or 2 days like I did) you’ll have a good selection of inspirational photos with colors you like and inspire you.
Now you can pick 2-5 colors you like, and you think portray what you want your business to look like and feel like.
To help you pick colors you can keep in mind:
  • Will my audience like or relate to these colors.
  • Are they gender specific or will both genders like them. This will depend if your audience is mainly females, males, or both.
  • What do You feel when you look at the colors and pictures, will others feel similar?
  • What are your competition colors, you don’t want to exactly copy, but if you like them you can change it a bit.
Now that you have picked all the colors you like together you can get the html code for each one. This is the website I use, it also picks the colors right from a photo! It’s great! I explain how to use this website in my video tutorial below. http://html-color-codes.info/colors-from-image/
Don’t forget to print out your free brand board template planner. It’s handy to use while you gather all your information before making your brand board.

3. Logo

If you don’t already have a logo this is the perfect time to make one, or redo an old one, after you have picked your brand colors.
You can easily design a simple logo in Canva or outsource it on Etsy or Fiverr. This is where you can tell them your brand colors and what your business is and see what they come up with.
Don’t be afraid to make a lot of different logos. Ask friends, family or your favorite facebook groups which one they like best.
IF you haven’ got my free blogging facebook group list yet, fill the form below to check it out. It has a list of my favorite groups to promote my blog posts and to ask questions and make friends.


logo with Canva  kathryn blogs logo

4.  Favicon

A favicon is that tiny letter or icon type thing beside your website page, up on the tab. A favicon makes your website or blog stand out more, and shows you know what you are doing.
Follow along as I show you how easy peasy it is to make your own brand favicon in my other post with video tutorial.


5. Fonts

The fonts you pick can be used in your header, logo, stationary, business cards, and body of your website or blog posts. There are many combinations that go good together, or you can make your own.
Remember to pick a fairly plain and easy one for the main body of your website or blog. The more plain it is the easier it will be for your audience to read. If you are the fun creative type that likes cursive, use that for your business cards or logo.
To find good font combinations check out these websites:

Now Put It All Together

Download my FREE Brand Board Template 

The template can help as you go through the steps and write all the websites you find, and pictures, and the color codes down for when you go make your brand board.
I really enjoy making brand boards for friends, family, my VA blog clients, and my other blogs.  It is such a creative process with unlimited designs and colors.
Canva is an amazing website for businesses and bloggers. Register for it for free and it keeps all your projects and designs so you can go back and change them or add to them at any point. I’m obsessed with it. I have literally spent full blown days playing around on it creating social media photos to schedule for the month
I made a step by step video tutorial for you to follow and make your own brand board. I must warn you that if you have never used Canva, it is highly addicting fun and you may need an intervention at some point! haha

Now that you have made your brand board I would LOVE to see it!! Please feel free to email me, or post it on my Facebook page and I can share it for everyone to see your creative brand board. Or join my brand new fun Facebook group for bloggers, Anyone Can Blog. It’s for beginner bloggers to help support and learn from each other.


Happy Blogging,

xo Kathryn

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