About Kathryn Blogs

I am here to help anyone that wants to start a blog. Either for a hobby, or for a business.

I believe that anyone, any age, and any gender can start a blog with basic steps, and all the tips, tricks and tutorials on my blog.

I am a work at home mom. I wear many hats. Meaning I don’t just have 1 “job” I have many. I blog, I write, I own an Amazon FBA business, and I do Virtual Assistant work for other bloggers.

I have so many ideas for blog posts to share what I have learned along my blogging journey, and what I’ve learned from the many courses I have done, and books I have read.

These are mainly geared towards the beginner blogger still trying to figure out how to start a blog and all the steps after its up and running!

I will have list posts, affiliate blogging posts, mailchimp and other email accounts, SEO, WordPress tutorials, social media information, and much more.

kathryn blogs

About Me - Kathryn

I am a Canadian work at home mom of 4 children, and thee best wife to an amazingly sweet supportive man. I love chocolate, vegan raw foods, and I’m addicted to pinterest!

I have a college certificate in Office Administration. I also have an Early Childhood Educator Certificate. 

I have worked in offices and childcare businesses. I ran my own crafting and cake making business for 2 years. I also owned and operated a city licence home family daycare for 5 years.

I have done randon freelance jobs and freelance writing through iwriter site. I have wrote over 70 paid articles that clients have used.

My husband and I have ran our Amazon FBA business store for over a year. It is slowly increasing in sales.

I am constantly learning through courses, websites, books and any information I can cram into my brain. I definitely don’t know everything about blogging yet, but I know a bit more than someone just starting out. I can help by giving information and encouragement to anyone who wants to blog. 

Please reach out and connect by following me on my social media accounts, and by emailing me at any time to say hi or ask questions! Let’s be friends!


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